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Concealed Carry classes are filling up fast, schedule early.

We have often been asked for Concealed Carry Deadly Weapons(CCDW) courses on weekdays, because individuals cannot make the weekend courses for various reasons.
We do hold courses during the week, but we have revised our practice in order to facilitate these requests.  We will always put a course on midweek if we have 4 or more people per booking.  However, it may not always be possible for a person to find 3 or more students on a particular day to schedule it.

Effective immediately, we have introduced a system where prospective candidates can call in and ask to be placed on the weekday list. Weekday courses will then be formed from this list and arranged directly with the students who wish to attend. 

These courses will not be advertised in advance, but we will accept extra students once a course is initially scheduled.  If you are interested, please call or email us with your phone number and or email address.


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This Site Is Continuously
We have currently reconstructed our website so
students can book & pay for courses on line.
Please bear with us in our attempt to make everything more convenient for everyone.  We apologize for any mistakes that may show up.  It is not our goal to offend anyone who may read or use the links we attach.  Thank you for your patience, and we apologize in advance for any inconvenience you my experience.


Following the tragic events in Paris earlier this month, all of us must be aware of the need for vigilance.  We are increasing the number of CCDW and defensive courses being offered by the school, and extra ones led by our tactical instructor, Ben Joynt, are under development. There is a high-end risk that ISIS will launch a Paris style attack in the US in the coming weeks and we all need to be vigilant.  Stay safe and have a Happy Holiday Season.

Steve and Eva
Photos of the D-Day event we held on 06/06/2015

Bruce Walters & Browning 30 Cal., full automatic
of Walters Arms in Mt. Sterling, KY

Steve Challis & Bruce Walters    

Why not consider a gift certificate for one of our training courses from Harmony Hollow Firearms. Certificates are available for both CCDW and all other courses. See the events page for further info.

See 'About Us' page for testimonials from satisfied students


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We have Harmony Hollow Firearms Training
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$ 4.00 each
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CCDW Instructor
the next course is scheduled for
January 30 &31, 2016
This is a 2 day course
 We have now designed and obtained a
Kentucky Concealed Carry Instructors patch.
 These patches will be given out to all students of our instructor courses, but can also be supplied to any current certified Kentucky Instructor at $7.00 each upon proof of Instructors number for verification.


App available to identify gun free/gun friendly businesses. Click on the gun girl to access

Harmony Hollow Firearms Training will no longer be offering Hunter Education courses under the State scheme.
This decision has been forced on us due to a change in regulations that means in effect, we would be required to certify students we have neither  trained or examined, as fully competent to carry and use a firearm.  We have always placed a top priority on the safety of our students and are not prepared to implement a policy that is dangerous to both students and other hunters .  This policy  would  leave us and any other Instructor open to criminal liability for injuries caused resulting from hunting accidents. We are sorry for the students that have shown an interest in attending the Hunter Education Course here but  we refuse to compromise the safety of young shooters ,to increase the sales of Hunting Licenses. We will however continue to run First shots events and Hunter Education training in conjunction with our NRA program.      

                     NOTICE FOR STUDENTS
Due to a number of no shows at courses and the consequential turning away of late applicants at courses that were shown as full, we have been obliged to implement the following rule.
Any student whose deposit remains unpaid 5 days prior to the course will have their place reallocated to a student on the waiting list. The original student will be removed and assumed as cancelled.  

We are appointed NRA recruiters and can offer $10.00 off when you enroll through us.


Click on the photo below to reach Steve's Blog on the
Fight for the Second Amendment

Harmony Hollow Firearms are
Members of the National Shooting Sports Foundation.

 Members of the Mount Sterling Chamber of Commerce.

We are pleased to recommend the United States Concealed Carry Association. This organization incorporates full legal protection for members involved in deadly force encounters as part of it's membership benefits.
Click on the link below for further details.

We are also happy to endorse The Concealed Carry Coalition of Kentucky (KC3). This is the support organization for concealed carry permit holders in the State. Here you will find updates and news relating to CCDW in Kentucky.

The links below will take you to the discussion of firearms that Steve had with State Rep. Mary Lou Marzian, D-Louisville.
The 2 part videos are also available on YouTube.
               Part1                                                                      Part2

During a public hearing on gun violence in Hartford, Conn. on Monday, a legal immigrant by the name of Henson Ong issued a passionate defense of the Second Amendment and argued that gun control simply “does not work.” The video of Ong’s testimony has already surpassed 130,000 views on YouTube.Click on the above link to watch.


Ruger firearms have set up an easy link to enable you to write to your representatives on the gun control issue, it is a proforma letter with most fields filled in.
just enter your details and press send.
Click on the crossed pistols left to access the site

Harmony Hollow Firearms is a family based
concern located in
Jeffersonville, Kentucky.
See our "About Us" page for further information
Phone: 859-498-0582
Email: harmonyhollow@hotmail.com 
Harmony Hollow Firearms was set up to provide safe professional instruction on the operation and use of most types of firearms for the general public.

Our NRA and Kentucky State Certified Instructors will ensure that you learn the correct and safe manner in which to handle a firearm.
Our various firearms courses are designed to accommodate beginners as well as the the more advanced firearm user.  We strive to make your
experience an enjoyable
occasion and a memorable fun  experience. 

All age groups are welcome.   A consent form, signed by the Parent or Guardian, is required for individuals under the age of 18.
Individuals with handicaps are welcome. We will make every effort to accommodate your individual need.  No one will be turned away, provided that we can still comply with the NRA Safety Regulations.

  • Home Firearms Safety Course (NRA (Non shooting)
  • Basic Rifle Course                   (NRA)
  • Basic Shotgun                         (NRA)
  • Basic Pistol Home Defense                               
  • Shotgun First Steps                (NRA)
  • Home Defense Shotgun
  • Personal Protection in the Home       (NRA)
  • Nighttime Fire courses           (Non NRA)
  • Concealed Carry Deadly Weapon (C.C.D.W.)
  • Practical Applications for CCDW
  • Concealed Carry Instructor
  • NRA Marksmanship Qualification Defensive Pistol 1 & Basic Pistol 1
  • Firearms - True Beginners
  • One on One instruction for safe firearms handling
  • Women Only and Women on Target clinics
As far as we are aware of, we are the only shooting facility in the area that has both day and night courses available, as well as multi-weapon combat type and defense training.


Please call or e-mail us today if you wish to discuss the available or have any questions.



From Mount Sterling   ~11.5 miles

Levee Road/11
Turn Left at Nest Egg Road/646 (There is a sign for the Macedonia Church directly at/past the turn)
Follow Nest Egg Road past the "Ann's Corner Grocery"
Turn right onto South Ware Chapel Road (Directly across from the "Good Ole Boys" fishing lake sign, which is located on North Ware Chapel Road.)
We are approximately 1 mile in on South Ware Chapel Road on the left.....#850 on mail box.

From Stanton   ~10 miles

Take KY 213
Turn left onto Whiloughby Town Road/646 and go about 1 mile
Turn left onto South Ware Chapel Road (Directly across from the "Good Ole Boys" fishing lake sign, which is located on North Ware Chapel Road.)
We are approximately 1 mile in on South Ware Chapel Road on the left.....#850 on mail box.

From Jeffersonville  ~4.5 miles

Take KY 213
Turn right onto Willoughby Town Road/646 and go about 1 mile
Turn left onto South Ware Chapel Road (Directly across from the "Good Ole Boys" fishing lake sign, which is located on North Ware Chapel Road.)
We are approximately 1 mile in on South Ware Chapel Road on the left.....#850 on mail box.

From Clay City ~10.6 miles

From Main Street/KY-15/KY-11
Go about 1.1 mile headed toward Black Creek Road.
Turn Right onto Black Creek Road/KY-11 and go 4.5 miles.
Turn Right onto Sawmill Road and go .5 mile, then turn left to stay on Sawmill Road and go 2.0 miles.  Turn Right onto Willoughby Town Road and go 1.5 miles.
Turn left onto South Ware Chapel Road (Directly across from the "Good Ole Boys" fishing lake sign, which is located on North Ware Chapel Road.)
We are approximately 1 mile in on South Ware Chapel Road on the left.....#850 on mail box.

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